Modern Machine Tool

A Family Company Rooted in Lathe-Cutoff Machines

Our Historic Beginnings

When our founders incorporated Modern Machine Tool Company in 1916, it was a small company on Water Street in Jackson, Michigan. They made lathe-cutoff machines, just like we do now, but back in those days they were all hand operated.

In 1920, Harry Walker, purchased the company and designed a roller-feed mechanism that made the machine more automatic and substantially improved production rates. We still use a variant of this machine today.

From that point forward, we’ve served our customers by continuing to improve our processes to produce parts in less time, with greater efficiency than ever before.

We concentrate our efforts on what we do best—making machines that load automatically and cut tubing and bar to length, like a lathe.

Hands-on Attention

The current owners and management staff pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service having the ability to provide repair and replacement parts available for shipment the same day as they are ordered to minimize machine down time. The current owners and management staff are in the plant every day to assist customers with problems and/or questions they may encounter. You can find us building equipment, working on machines, checking shipments, whatever needs to be done. We love our work and we’re personally invested in our business.

We pride ourselves on doing a better job, usually at a lower cost than our competitors. We don’t just drop your machine on your doorstep and let you try to figure out how it works. We ship all our machines turnkey, ready to make parts. One of our service techs will arrive at your location to set up your machine, and train your employees. That’s how we do it at Modern Machine Tool Company.

On the Cutting Edge

Although we do have machines that you can buy ready-made, we also custom-build machines to fit your specific needs. We do all of our engineering in-house, with state-of-the-art hardware and the latest CAD software to design and develop whatever you need.

Our indexing is the fastest in the industry. We use pneumatics and electric servo motion, which are inherently faster than hydraulics, exclusively on our machines. This, along with our experience building mechanical advantage into our designs, allows us to create machines that are much more nimble than our competitors’, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

The Modern Machine Tool Family

Even though Modern Machine Company has grown, we still think of our employees as family, from our administrators to our service techs. Because we have the highest respect for our staff, our productivity is very high. They’re loyal to the company and we’re loyal to them.

At Modern Machine Tool Company, your opinion matters to us. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the answers you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Greg Walker
Mark Olfier