Modern Machine Tool

Servo Lathes: Fast, Precision and Multifunctional

Our servo lathes are compact cast iron slide units that combine stability with speed and serviceability. Our machines have a programmable spindle drive and tool slides, allowing for quick setup and higher production rates.

Modern Machine Tool Company’s Servo Lathe’s can help:

  • Increase production efficiency with an optional two-axis servo slide for simple turning, boring and drilling operations.
  • Improve tool life and achieve constant surface footage with programmable spindle drive and tool slides
  • Set up quickly and easily and improve tool life with the precision ground, ball-screw-driven slides and high torque digital drives
  • Decrease necessary training time with menu-prompted touch screen
  • Minimize coolant loss with our integral flood recirculating coolant system, which flows only during the cutting cycle
  • Improve accuracy using Digital Read Out or Servo Position
  • Improve part-length accuracy with optional heavy-duty stock stops