Modern Machine Tool

Accomplishing Everything in a Single Cycle

CNC Lathes from Modern Machine Tool

The Modern Machine Tool Company’s CNC Lathes automatically load, cut off, thread, chamfer, deburr, bore and unload in one quick and easy cycle. We also offer second and third operation systems for a complex part to be complete when it exits the machine.

  • Handles material from 0.25”-10” OD
  • 15 or 30HP constant-surface footage spindle drive (40HP optional)
  • Spindle speeds up to 3000 RPM

Our machines combine CNC controls with servo-operated, ball-screw-driven cross slides and constant-surface-footage spindle drives for easier set-up and faster cutoff, turning, boring and threading operations.

  • Set-up and changeover quickly and easily using programmable setting of tools, feed rates and spindle speeds
  • Replace expensive form tools with standard carbide insert tooling
  • Fanuc CNC controlledwith CRT monitor and operator control panel are also available upon request.
  • Increase efficiency with two cross slides, fed by independent servo drives and ball screws. One moves perpendicular to the spindle, the other with two axes of motion for turning, boring and threading.
  • Eliminate the need for form tools—turn complex formswith coordinating linear and circular interpolations of movement of X and Z axes with the CNC control.
  • Set part length by moving a ball screw and hand crank power clamped on an overhead beam. The stop travels on linear bearings and is positioned using a digital readout with a linear scale.
  • Precisely position part length stop using optional servo-positioned stopand the CNC controller, with offset control.
  • Easily automate machined parts unloading. The part length stop retractsclear of the stock after the collet closes.
  • Ensure uniform surface speed with standard CNC and 30-HP digital servo spindle drive. 40-HP spindle drive is optional.
  • Load less frequently. Our automatic feederholds large bundles of tube, pipe and bar stock.
  • Handle multiple operation tooling with our optional disc style tool turret.