Modern Machine Tool

Cut Quickly and Eliminate Post-Production Machining

With Laser/Plasma Lathes from Modern Machine Tool

Our line of tube-cutting lathes with state-of-the-art laser cutoff mechanisms quickly cut standard carbon steel tubing or difficult alloys and stainless—without costly tooling or messy coolants.

Faster, Cleaner and Burr-Free Cuts

Save on production costs by speeding up operations and reducing or eliminating post-production machining. Cut tubing of any length quickly, precisely and cleanly, withno burrs and minimal kerf loss.

  • Available in five different models
  • Adjustable output lasers in various sizes
  • Slices through hardened pipe and tubing of any length from 1/2” to 8” O.D.,with walls up to 0.3″ thick
  • Handles tubing of any length
  • Has variable speed of 10-300RPM