Modern Machine Tool

Increase Cut-Off Machine Efficiency with Automatic Bar Feeders

Eliminate manual operations and increase your productivity by adding an automatic bar feeder to your Modern Automatic Cut-Off Machine—or any other machines that require feeding of random-length tubes and bars, such as Cold Saws and third party CNC Lathes.

You can completely automate all operations from loading to completion, making production faster, and more precise, than ever before.

  • Reduce staffing. One operator can run multiple pieces of equipment.
  • Increase independence. Bar feeders can hold up to 10,000 pounds of stock, requiring less frequent filling.
  • Increase accuracy. Bars position digitally for adjustable and accurate trim ends.
  • Changeover quickly with a simple crank adjustment. (Power adjustment optional)
  • Improve versatility. Our Barfeeders can handle random lengths from 6’—60’ and diameters from 3/8”—10”.
  • Change trim lengths rapidly and precisely control feed rates for various-size materials using the encoded feed motor with variable drive frequency.